Saturday, August 27, 2022

Let's listen to Arun - IELTS 7.5 band scorer from KU Education, Jaffna. (2022-08-19)

KU Jaffna has been producing so many successful IELTS test takers for years. The most recent great achiever is S.Arun Kalastan from Mannar. Arun got an Overall 7.5 band score for his IELTS (Academic). KU Education congratulates him on his great achievement. We got 12 students who achieved 6.5 BS within the last 2 months. Generally, most of the students used to take the paper-based IELTS exam. But Arun took the computer-based IELTS exam and is highly vocal about his experience with the computer-based exam after practising paper-based tests in the classroom. 

Arun says :

Computer-delivered IELTS exam is very convenient for the following reasons : 

Thursday, July 28, 2022

IELTS கற்க ஆரம்பிக்கும் முன் - சில எச்சரிககைக் குறிப்புக்கள்!!!

நாட்டின் தற்போதுள்ள சூழ்நிலையில் வெளிநாட்டிற்கு செல்ல முயல்வோரின் எண்ணிக்கை சடுதியாக அதிகரித்திருப்பதைத் தொடர்ந்து IELTS எனும் இந்தப் பரீட்சைக் கற்பித்தல்-சான்றிதழ் வழங்கல் என்ற வகையில் அப்பாவி மாணவர்கள் பெருந்தொகையில் ஏமாற்றப்பட்டு வருகிறார்கள். பேற்றோர்கள்/மாணவர்கள் பின்வரும் அறிந்து செயற்படல் மிகவும் முக்கிமானதாகும்.

1) பெற்றோர் இந்தப் பாடநெறியைக் கற்பிக்கும் ஆசிரியருடன் நேரடியாக தமது பிள்ளையையையும் கலந்து கொள்ள வைத்து உரையாடி பின்வரும் தகவல்களை அறிந்துகொள்ளவும்.

2) ஆசிரியர் இந்தத்துறையில் எவ்வளவு காலம் அனுபவமுள்ளவர் ? (அண்மையில் படித்து முடித்த அனுபவமற்றவர்களிடம் கற்று உங்கள் பணத்தையும் நேரரத்தையும் வீணடிக்காதீர்)

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Looking for Young Entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka.

 The top priority is  creating and supporting new entrepreneurs 

"Effective Teaching Techniques" workshop@Osmania College, Jaffna. 
Conducted by Mr.S.Manimaran

The development of the business sector, particularly nurturing the entrepreneurial mindset among youth is the best way of uplifting the country.  I used to be a small entrepreneur during my university time (Undergraduate) and realized how it had developed my confidence and gave me enough training to standing alone as a person in society. [The cruel face of the civil war had destroyed many of our dreams, and had been putting barriers for every movement in the business.] Past is past.

Now the country is not ready for civil war but fighting a war against hunger.[2020-2022..]

There are numerous business opportunities to take within the country and take beyond the borders. The problem is the mindset of our youth. Blame on our education system. Which has been creating paper-based graduates over decades. Youth seem to have lost their inner – curiosity, hunger for invention, thirsty for knowledge.. all, because of a government job-guaranteed education system. Just become a graduate of any subject, government guarantees a job within a few years from graduation. Most of the crowd dwells in the dream of a government job and doing nothing until then. 

Another major portion of the youth population is running behind fake agencies, low quality private educational qualifications to move to a foreign country expecting a huge wealth generation. A small population goes for some middle east countries to make an earning almost they can make within Sri Lanka.

Creating entrepreneurs, educating them, supporting them is a part of the life mission.

Through our institution (KU Education) we have been offering many free educational programs to induce the hidden talents of youth and help them to identify their capabilities which can be monetized later in their life.

We have been using the following types of a free short courses as a tool to keep in touch with youth and study them.

  • Web designing
  • Digital Photography
  • Digital Videography
  • Digital Media Production
  • S.E.O and Web marketing
  • Communicative English -Level 1,2,3
  • Graphic designing
  • And much more free courses1

Sunday, November 14, 2021

கொரோனாப் பெருந்தொற்றுக் கால அறிவித்தல் - Great Learning Experience in a Small Space !

 20 வருடங்களிற்கு மேற்பட்ட கல்விப்பாரம்பரியமுள்ள கல்வியியலாளர்களால் இயக்கப்படும் கே.யு எடியுகேசன்( KU Education ) நிறுவனத்தின் அன்பான மாணவர்கள் மற்றும் பெற்றோர்களிற்கா பெருந்தொற்றுக்கால அறிவித்தல் 


IELTS in Jaffna - IELTS in Sri Lanka - KU Education

இதுவரை சர்வதேச (விசாத்தேவைகளிற்கான மற்றும் தொழில் வாய்பிற்கான) ஆங்கில கல்வி நெறிகள், பரீட்சைகள் , மற்றும் உளவியல், ஹோட்டல் முகாமைத்துவம் , புகைப்படக்கலை உள்ளிட்ட 56 ற்கும் மேற்பட்ட தொழில் - மற்றும் செயல்முறை சார்ந்த பயிற்சிகளையும், பயிற்சி நெறிகளிற்கான அங்கீகரிக்கப்பட்ட சான்றிதழ்களை நேரடியாகவும் எமது கல்விப்பங்காளர் ஊடாகவும் வழங்கி வந்து கொண்டிருந்தோம்.

2019 பிற்பகுதியில் ஆரம்பித்த கொரோனாப் பெருந்தொற்றால் பொதுமுடக்கம், ஊரடங்கு, கல்விச் செயற்பாடுகளிற்கான தடை போன்றவற்றால் அதிக பாதிப்பை கல்வித்துறை சந்தித்திருந்தது.

தனியார் உயர்கல்வியை வழங்கி வந்த பல பெரும் நிறுவனங்கள் நிரந்தரமாகவே பூட்டப்பட்டன. இன்னும் பல தற்காலிகமாக இயக்கத்தை நிறுத்தி பெரும் நஷ்டத்தையும் சந்தித்தன. நாமும் விதிவிலக்கல்ல.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

KU Education - Jaffna - web site maintenance - You may experience a down time !

 It's time for a revamp 

Plenty of students have been reaching KU Education by visiting since 2009. This is the time for an upgrade. We have started an overhauling mission of the web server, so that you may experience some down time from 1st of December 2021 to 4th of December 2021, sorry for the inconvenience caused.

KU's online learning platform is intact and students can keep on using it.

Please visit KU Education's Facebook page for latest course offers : 

Get free tips on IELTS - Academic/General and Life Skills at KU's YouTube channel :

KU Education,

Friday, September 17, 2021

ஆங்கிலம் கற்க எளிய முறைகள் ! - How to learn English faster ?


Watch this video presentation given by our IELTS/TOEFL lecturer Mr.S.Manimaran B.A(Hon),MBA(UK),PGD(Psychology),PFA(UK), who has been teaching English over 15 years .

Want to learn English? IELTS ? TOEFL ? via Zoom(online) or in Class (Personal Classes-one to one)

Call 0777302882 

(Spoken/General) Special Fast Track personal English class (Visit this link for details)

IELTS Personal classes

Monday, December 14, 2020

We are 50% online (Virtual Company) - This post has been Updated


Dear all,

Update : On site classes are available now ! Call us 0777302882

KU Education has gone 100% virtual now. Please email us or call us for course details/registrations/start a course online . 
We conduct all classes only online now - until further notice (expected to be the same for minimum next 6 months)
Thank you for the understanding.

Contact details :  Click here 

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Learn digital photography for free from KU Education - Colombo.


Learn Digital Photography -Level 1 (3 day Workshops in Colombo in Tamil Medium from KU Education - Colombo)

திறமையும் விருப்பமும் இருந்து  இந்தக் கலையைக் கற்ற அதிகரித்த கட்டணங்கள் தடையாக இருக்கின்றதா ? 24 வயதிற்குட்பட்ட இளையவர்களிற்கு டிஜிட்டல் போட்டோகிறாபி லெவல் 1 இனை நாம் முற்றிலும் இலவசமாக வழங்குகிறோம்.

Friday, August 28, 2020

KU Education's branch office is in Colombo - Mountlavinia now !


We are really excited to announce that we have opened a training centre in Mountlavinia,Colombo to cater the needs of the students in Colombo and suburbs.

The wait is over for many students who used to call us in the interest of  learning from our expert trainer Mr.S.Manimaran . He has been producing thousands of successful students in the area of international English qualifications like   IELTS(AC/GM), IELTS Life Skills  for over  16 years.

Please call us on 0777302882 for an appointment in Colombo.

KU Education - Colombo

No 9-1/1,Old Quary Road,Mountlavinia,Colombo.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Learn IELTS/English online from the leading trainer

Anyone from anywhere can learn from KU Education now.-Watch this video  !

Learn from Mr.S.Manimaran B.A(Hon),MBA(UK), who has over 16 years of teaching experience internationally. He is a leading IELTS trainer in Sri Lanka. To learn more about the trainer : click here   
(කථිකාචාර්යවරයාට සිංහල කථා කළ හැකිය)
  • Learn IELTS(AC/GM via online - using your phone or computer from us.
  • 1 to 1 - One lecturer  -  one student (Personal coaching online)
  • Learn at your time of convenience .
  • 1 Hour / 1.5 Hours sessions
  • Try a 10-15 minutes free , sample lesson directly from the lecturer and enroll.
  • Call 0777-302882 for details (Clear explanation will be given about the course structure)
  • Session based chargers (After a free trial you can join with a minimum commitment)
  • Online study portal has huge collection of study materials (Free access )
KU Education,Jaffna.
Web : 
Call : 0777302882 

Friday, May 8, 2020

Learn English/IELTS/TOEFL online from experts !

கொரோனாவின் அச்சுறுத்தல் முடிய பல மாதங்கள் ஆகலாம். வீட்டில் சும்மா இருக்கும் இந்த சந்தர்ப்பத்தை உங்கள் எதிர்காலத்தை வளமாக்கப் பயன்படுத்துங்கள். வீட்டில் இருந்தவாறே தனிப்பட்ட முறையில் (ஒரு மாணவன்-ஒரு ஆசிரியர் என்ற முறையில்) உங்கள் தொலைபேசி அல்லது கணனியூடாக எம்மிடம் கற்றிடுங்கள். வழமையான வகுப்புக் காலத்தைவிட குறுகிய காலத்தில் பயிற்சிநெறிகளை நிறைவு செய்யலாம். விபரங்களுக்கு அழையுங்கள் -0777302882

Visit KU's website  :

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Core strategy of scoring 7.0 and above in IELTS

What are the top strategies that you could use in your IELTS test? There are too many strategies being given by many so called IELTS gurus, online.

Many students of mine used to ask me to reveal the shortcuts or secrets to succeed in IELTS. May I use this opportunity to open up the secrets for them 😊

 When you look at your IELTS writing task1 and task2 (AC/GM) your marking criteria would be like this :

1.       Task achievement (25%)
2.       Grammatical accuracy and range (25%)
3.       Coherence and cohesion (25%)
4.       Lexical resources (25%)

When you approach a task, you have to read it, understand it and write well by putting your own ideas. You get unique and fresh tasks each time. Based on the data given on the task, you will have to develop your write-up so you cannot carry anything pre-planned.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Mostly mispronounced 10 English words ; I bet, definitely you mispronounced at-least one :) -Video

A small list of  mostly mispronounced English words has been complied in this video by KU Education,Jaffna. Most of the ESL learners mispronounce at least  one word of this list.

Checkout the words from the given list here, then watch the video, definitely you will be surprised to find-out some mispronunciations in your daily life!
  1. Education
  2. Question
  3. Table
  4. Onion
  5. Often
  6. Important
  7. Schedule
  8. Vehicle
  9. Says
  10. Women
Now, it's time to watch the video (click more..)

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Learn IELTS online - Via Skype from Mr.S.Manimaran

Learn IELTS online | Learn English from KU Jaffna online | Learn Tamil as a second language online | Much more to learn online .

KU Jaffna now offers online  classes(Via Skype and some other technologies )for IELTS and English.   

Please contact us via the contact form given here(on the right of this blog)to know more about the online class. We will email you all the details about the class . Please provide the following details briefly in your message :

  1. Your name
  2. Age
  3. Profession(optional)
  4. Residing country
  5. Country of origin (to understand your cultural aspects for better communication)
  6. Your required band score
Thank you for your interest on learning !

KU Education 
Web :
Email : (All course related enquirers )
Facebook :
Youtube :

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Photographic Society of Jaffna .

After producing almost over 50 enthusiastic young photographers through our Digital Photography courses ,board of Knowledge Universe has formed a society to cater the needs of further education in the filed of photography.

Though the idea  is initiated and implemented by KU Education ,the forum is open for everyone interested in constant learning of photography. A student  who  completed any level of a photography course at KU Education is eligible to join the society.

Others from any part of Sri Lanka/World(Expatriates are welcomed )can get a membership in this society by sending a request to

Photographic Society's activities :

  • Monthly/Periodic meetings to share knowledge
  • Outdoor excursions for wildlife /nature photography
  • Members have access to the workshops with a special discounted rates 
  • Easy access to rent photographic equipment through our network
  • Other means of continuous learning in the filed
  • A place to meet like minded people 

Friday, March 9, 2018

IELTS essay correction service - Great Thanks for all ,to making us a great success !

The team behind the IELTS essay correction service at KU Education ,wants to thank all who have obtained our services and made us to feel proud and happy .

We have launched the IELTS essay marking service on March 5th 2018 and we have exceeded the expected number of candidates within 20 days.

Our IELTS marking team has served over 300 requests within last 20-25 days and we managed to deliver the test reports along with corrections and suggestions within 24 hours from the time of submission .

Specials thanks to all of our students online ,and wish you all success for a bright future

IELTS Essay Correction services ,
KU Educaiton,
 Call ; 0777302882

Monday, February 5, 2018

IELTS essay correction service for Academic and General : Task 1 and Task 2

IELTS Writing Task - Correction service from KU Jaffna

Are you  in dark  ,when it comes to your IELTS essay writing practice ?.

KU Education offers IELTS essay correction service for both Academic and General and for writing task 1 and writing task 2.

What do you get with this IELTS  essay marking service ?

  • Feedback on your answer .
  • Correction of grammar and vocabulary mistakes.
  • Suggestions on how to improve your ideas, vocabulary, writing skills, academic language and structure.
  • An examiner’s report on each of the four marking criteria(Grammatical accuracy,lexis,coherence and cohesion,task achievement )  and guidance to improve your score.
  • Proper IELTS band score .

How the IELTS essay marking  service works ?

Sample marked paper of IELTS AC Task 2 (Description can be seen below)

IELTS writing Task 2 - Marked by KU Education 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Learn Cambridge AS & A/L English (Paper 1& Paper 2 ) at KU in Jaffna now !

It is a quick heads up !,

Since we have received plenty of requests for learning Cambridge Advanced Subsidiary Level and Advanced Level -[Code- 9093 ],we have started offering it at our Jaffna centre (Click here for location )

Learn the techniques from the scratch to answer  Paper 1 and Paper 2 from a well experienced ,lecture  who posses up to Master Degree from UK and having over 19 years of teaching experience .

You would learn all aspects of English Language including :

  • Commenting on style and language of passages [What is style ? learn all styles )
  • Directive writing (for Paper 1) 
  • Composition (Paper 2) 
  • Various aspects of imaginative writing / narrative writing /descriptive writing 
  • Improving discursive / argumentative writing styles .
  • Improving lexis for the exam
  • Points taking / story telling /developing skills 
  • Developing creativity on a whole for a whooping essay creating 

Monday, November 13, 2017

IELTS பரீட்சை எப்படியானது ? அதற்கு நீங்கள் தகுதியாவது எப்படி ? (தமிழ் விளக்கம்)

IELTS என்பது வழமையான சாதாரண ஆங்கிலப்பரீட்சை அல்ல என்பதை அதை எடுக்க முன்வரும் மாணவர்கள் அறிந்து கொள்ள வேண்டும். இலங்கை முழுவதும்  பல்லாயிரக்கணக்கான அப்பாவி மாணவர்கள் இந்தப் பரீட்சை பற்றி முறையாக அறியாது - தம் தகுதிகளை அதிகரிக்காது அநியாயமாக  முறையற்ற வழிகாட்டலிற்கும் பரீட்சைக்கும் பெருந்தொகையான பணத்தை இழந்து வருகிறார்கள். பணம் மட்டுமன்றி கற்றலுக்காக அவர்கள் இ‌ழந்த நேரமும் அநியாயமே.

(Want to take IELTS  ? visit this link : )

இந்தப்பரீட்சை எடுக்க வேண்டிய நிலையில் இருக்கும் புதியவர்களுக்காக இந்த கட்டுரை வரையப்பட்டுள்ளது. இதை முழுமையாக வாசிப்பதன் மூலம் - உங்கள்  உறுதியான வெற்றிக்கான வழிகளைத் திட்டமிடவும் இந்தப்பரீட்சைக்குரிய தகுதிகளை அதிகரித்துக்கொள்ளவும் முடியும். தேவையற்ற பண ,நேர இழப்புக்களையும் தவிர்க்கலாம்.

IELTS - என்ற  சொல்லை   விளம்பரப்பலகைகளில் கண்டுவிட்டு ஆங்கிலம் சிறப்பான நிலையில் இல்லாதவர்கள் - அல்லது ஆரம்ப நிலையிலுள்ளவர்கள் அந்த பயிற்சி நெறியில் சேர முடிவெடுக்க முடியாது. ஏனெனில்  IELTS  என்பது ஒரு ஆங்கிலக் கல்வி நெறி அல்ல. - ”சர்வதேச ஆங்கில மொழி பரீட்சை முறைமை” என்பதே IELTS என்பதன் விரிவாக்கம்(International English  Language Testing System )

Monday, December 5, 2016

What is Coherence in IELTS Writing Task 2 ? - understanding coherence "Visually"

There are many frequently discussed terms roam in the  mind when we start exploring IELTS . Some terms are little bit tricky to be understood clearly .Coherence and cohesion is one of the four elements assessed  in your IELTS writing task 2 (General and Academic) and widely spoken about, in various IELTS mentoring sites . Let me take "coherence" for this post today.


If you want to know in a nut shell ,I would say coherence is "Central point of the paragraph " . You build a paragraph on one main idea and maintain it properly with carefully developed phrases ,words and examples .

For instance , let's see the following task on a "Coherence Map" which is  invented and illustrated by Knowledge Universe for the first time(2016)

Friday, September 16, 2016

TOEFL or IELTS ? What test you should take ?

What  test , you should take for your university admission of migration ? Whether it could be TOEFL or IELTS ? 

Well ,it depends on many factors like the county you opted to go for and the university or educational organization you apply for . IELTS is needed not only for academic people ,as it has two forms of test(Academic and General ) it is required by many English speaking countries for migration purposes too .

TOEFL is mainly required by  American and Canadian universities .If you plan to do your higher studies in one of these countries ,it is better to start learning TOEFL.

Countries like Great Britain (UK) ,Australia always prefer IELTS  for their university admissions and migration  purposes .

If you are not sure  about the type of test  you should take for the country you wish you go ,just visit us and have a free consultation . Please call and get an appointment before make a visit .

Now you can learn TOEFL iBT in Jaffna at KU Education  ( BCBL)  Jaffna ;Call 021-3208342 / 0777-302882 /Visit TOEFL web : 

Monday, September 5, 2016

IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 Vs. IELTS General Writing Task 2 - what are the differences ?

Most of the General IELTS test takers used ask this question in the classes . Main difference between the AC-Writing task and GT-Writing task is the mode of Task 1 of the both exams .

While you need to think about various types of charts,presented data and technical terms for them to describe the flow of information  given in the Academic Task 1, just  worry about  a handful of formal and informal letter types for  General Module Task 1.

in a nutshell ,Task 1 is  bit more different among the both modules .But task 2 is almost same for both modules .

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Learn TOEFL iBT® at KU Education -Jaffna

We have started training students for TOEFL at our Jaffna branch.

At the time of reaching KU's 17th year of service in the education industry of Sri Lanka , we hope it is the right time to offer TOEFL .

TOEFL is a computer based ENGLISH examination . Students require a bit of typing speed and a sound knowledge in using computer systems.

For more informaton on learning TOEFL  please visit

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Simple techniques of using prepositions in IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 tips#03 #Charts

IELTS –Task 1 [prepositions of time by KU Education Jaffna ]

Using the presuppositions of time in a proper way is very important in IELTS AC Task 1 ,when it is a chart or informative graph . Look at the list of prepositions given below[only a handful ] and the example paragraph written here ,hope you will have more confident now !

The following prepositions of time are the keys :

in [month / year / morning, afternoon etc]

at [9 o’clock, 10.30 am etc]

from..[a point in time]… [another point]

between…[a point in time]..and… [another point]

during [a period of time]

before [a point in time or a period of time]

after [a point in time or a period of time]

by [a point of time arrived at]

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How to have more interesting (and scoring )English conversations with the "gap fillers" ? #IELTS #Speaking Tips

If you wanna sound like a native English speaker ,you have to use the gap fillers appropriately during your (English) conversations. Every language has it;s own unique gap fillers (small words to fill the gaps -way of getting  intervals for generating ideas while you talk )

Let's see ,how to use some gap fillers in your conversation ,which helps you to buy some time -seamlessly :) 

List of frequently used gap fillers in English :