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How to score 7.0 and above in IELTS Academic/General Writing Task 02 -[ Part I ]

How to score 7.0 and above in IELTS Academic/General Writing Task 02

Firstly ,keep in mind that there are no much differences between Academic writing and General writing Tasks(Task2).Now let’s get into the topic .

You know good English , you can write what you have in your mind in English without grammatical errors ,that is not enough to score more than 5.5 in IELTS sadly.
IELTS Writing tasks pay full attention on the following areas of your work :

  1.    Grammatical Accuracy (25%)
  2.    Coherence and cohesion (25%)
  3.     Lexical resources(25%)
  4.    Task achievement(25%)
Key areas of IELTS Academic writing Tasks(1&2)  marking scheme are  given above.Mostly the people getting ready for IELTS are good in Grammatical Accuracy and Task Achievement ,when they are strong on these two areas they can score up to 5.0/5.5 only . If you score 6.0 and above it means you have started doing good in the other areas too.Thus if you have to go beyond 6.5 and 7.0 always keep in mind you have to play well in all sectors .

Coherence and cohesion

let’s see ,what is Coherence first . There are many synonyms for the word like consistency /unity /rationality  . let’s take more appropriate one ,which is “Logic” . You are required to write your essay with proper logics. You have to go with the flow and develop the sentences with  logical connection. As you write in a  logical(Coherence) manner at the same time your sentences ,phrases and words should have been put in a proper structure .this structure is known as Cohesion . Words like , therefore ,on the other hand, at the same time ,apparently etc.. gives the strength to the physical connection or  cohesion . This words are called cohesive devices

Saturday, December 12, 2015

IELTS Academic writing Task 1 -Free Tips #1 -writing introduction

Writing efficient introduction is a vital part in IELTS writing tasks (1&2). It is critical  but if you just learn the techniques or the simple principles behind it , you can do wonders .

How to write a better introduction ?

# 1.Paraphrase the title (re writing using your own choice of words without changes in the meaning)
# 2.Let it go with high quality words 

Model Question Task 1 )
You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.
The Table below shows the results of a survey that asked 6800 Scottish adults (aged 16 years and over) whether they had taken part in different cultural activities in the past 12 months.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.Write at least 150 words.
The table illustrates ...../ The table reveals .....

Model introduction)
The table illustrates ,the  opinions given by 6800 scottish people  of age 16 and up on  their participation in various cultural events in the past 1 year .
Now ,let's see how it is paraphrased

1) The table below shows = The table illustrates
2) Results of a survey = opinions given (obviously opinions are given in surveys ) /opinions given in a research
3) 6800 Scottish adults (aged 16 years and over) = 6800 scottish people  of age 16 and up
4) whether they had taken part in different cultural activitiestheir participation in various cultural events
5)in the past 12 months-in the past 1 year

in above illustration ,you can note the idea of paraphrasing and the quality of the words used.

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Wish you all the best in your exams !

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Basic Telephone Conversation - Basic English L1

Latha : [calling Kumar's office the time is 11.30 am ,the phone is ringing ]

Receptionist  : Good morning ,KU Education , may I help you ?
Latha  : Yes,This is Latha ,calling from Jaffnaonline ,could I speak to Mr.Kumar please ?

Receptionist : Hold the line please .... [searching for Kumar ,and he is not in the office..] Sorry  he has just gone out ,can I take any message for him ? / would you like to leave any message for him madam ?
Latha :  Yes.., please tell him that ,I will send the documents via email today evening and call me once he returned to the office .
Receptionist : Sure ,I will pass this message to him ...... ,is there anything I can do for you ?
Latha : No ,thanks a lot .bye.
Receptionist : Thank you for calling KU Education . bye bye.