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What is Coherence in IELTS Writing Task 2 ? - understanding coherence "Visually"

There are many frequently discussed terms roam in the  mind when we start exploring IELTS . Some terms are little bit tricky to be understood clearly .Coherence and cohesion is one of the four elements assessed  in your IELTS writing task 2 (General and Academic) and widely spoken about, in various IELTS mentoring sites . Let me take "coherence" for this post today.


If you want to know in a nut shell ,I would say coherence is "Central point of the paragraph " . You build a paragraph on one main idea and maintain it properly with carefully developed phrases ,words and examples .

For instance , let's see the following task on a "Coherence Map" which is  invented and illustrated by Knowledge Universe for the first time(2016)

IELTS writing Task 2  

"Modern technological advancements have improved human lives a lot  ,but some people would argue it's negative impact  on kids outweigh the benefits " compare the advantages and disadvantages of the technological advancement ,use specific details in your discussion .

let's do it :

Coherence Map : Copy right : Knowledge Unvierse -Jaffna.

When you develop your essay , you may have many paragraphs . One paragraph can have the following points   (points with red colour circles in the "Coherence Map")but ,the points with blue square blocks too contribute  to the essay ,but it doesn't have immediate connection with the main topic taken to discuss in this particular paragraph . The paragraph intends to talk about "How modern communicating tools can spoil kids " so the points in blue go unfit .[if you use such ,then your marks for "Coherence and Cohesion " affected ]

having related points organized and focus on one main idea is "Coherence " . See the given "Coherence Map" . Feel free to download and use it . When you do IELTS preparation ,have a habit of drawing a coherence map ,later do it in your mind and write the paragraphs .[Click on the image to enlarge it ]

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